Corporate Yoga Classes

As a 22 year practitioner and teacher of Yoga, the benefits I have observed in myself and my clients – both corporate and private – have been tremendous. Workplaces can be stressful regardless of circumstance, but in the world of COVID where many of us are working at a distance and in various forms of isolation, adds increased challenge. I specialize in working within corporate offices to elevate the working environment thru yoga reducing stress and increasing productivity.

The format of these programs can be adapted to the needs of the individual and/or group.

  • Online classes range from 30 mins to 1h, geared toward all levels of familiarity.
  • I place particular focus on movement and breath to establish clear thinking, stress reduction, and efficiency.
  • For local businesses, in person sessions can be arranged when it is deemed safe by the county.

Policies : 

  • 24h Cancelation required for refund or full credit. No refunds after 24h.
  • Packages are valid for 1 year.

Sera’s incredible knowledge of Ayurvedic principles could be intimidating but she’s able to introduce and explain information in a refreshingly accessible way that made me just want to know more. I’ve also never had a yoga teacher who is so intentional in the way they structure classes and guide students to truly connect with their mind, body and soul – the way she led class made me think of my yoga practice in a completely different way. I’m sure I’ll be doing another workshop in the future!

USA, from Ayurvedic Immersion in Chiang Mai Thailand

Sera is a highly knowledgeable Yoga & Ayurveda teacher. It is obvious that she is not only a dedicated and experienced practitioner, but this is her passion. Learning Ayurveda with Sera has opened new perspectives to the world of Yogasana. Beyond the knowledge of western anatomy or physiology, she uses distinct Ayurvedic principles and applies intelligent, logical sequencing in the physical yoga practice. Her clear instruction and varied options allow any level yoga practitioner to safely explore limits, while also experience and enjoy the benefits of balanced prana.

As a teacher-trainer, Sera’s approach is insightful and genuinely holistic. She explains high level concepts with easily relatable, everyday examples. In addition, diverse approaches to yoga are linked in a thoughtful, uniform manner. Her energy and dedication creates a nourishing space that is conducive to learning, encourages questions, and welcomes play and curiosity. As I continue to study with Sera, to learn Yoga with an Ayurvedic perspective, my practice deepens physically, mentally, and spiritually. With each meeting it is clear that her own practice has grown and that she has expanded her study from source information to share whole-heartedly with students and clients. I am sincerely grateful to receive Sera’s guidance.

Tiffany Wan

Hong Kong, from Ayurvedic Immersion in Chiang Mai Thailand

Meeting Sera has been one beautiful Universal synchronicity. I chanced upon her Ayurvedic Yoga community class and found her teachings straightforward, grounded and extremely meditative. From that one class and Será’s wonderful guidance, I got over my fear of yoga (old Ashtanga injury 10 years back) and I found my way back to the mat and to my yoga asana practice. Words cannot truly express how grateful I am to Sera for changing my approach towards yoga.

Her focus on prana, vector mechanics and developing one’s own Inner Wisdom to experience a sattvic (balanced) practice every moment is completely life changing. I feel better educated and empowered to transform every asana practice into a meditative and potentially self-realized one. Most importantly, her blend of Ayurvedic Wisdom with Classical Yoga Theory has enabled me (and others in the class) to better understand our minds, bodies and spirit. For 14 days straight, I never once tore a muscle, over stretched myself or caused any hip/back injuries from over-extending myself.

Sera as a teacher is meticulous, warm, funny, patient and methodical in her approach. Her step-by-step Guidance and instructions enable even a novice like me, to truly grasp the intricacies and nuances of yoga and Ayurveda. I loved every moment of her class. In 10 days, I will take my 200 hour YTT – and I am so grateful that I got to learn with Sera before I do. She’s helped me create a stable and healthy alignment with a healthier approach towards my yoga practice. I believe studying with Sera will provide me a wonderful foundation for my upcoming YTT.

14 days in Será’s Ayurvedic Yoga Immersion seemed to breeze by – and I believe, that, is a sign of a really great class.

Calista Goh

Hong Kong, from Ayurvedic Immersion in Chiang Mai Thailand

Yoga becomes more important as the world gets harder and has become an essential part of my life. It helps me answer the question, “who am I and who can I become in this moment?” Yoga has helped me cultivate a stronger mind, body, and purpose. I wanted to get my yoga teacher training so that I could offer this opportunity to the community. Sera’s classes are rooted in the ancient truths of yoga that build a strong foundation for any type of yoga practice. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from her and I’m excited that others will be able to share in this opportunity with this upcoming class.
Heidi Harmon

Mayor of San Luis Obispo

If you are considering taking the Teacher Training with Sera Melini and Khristine Jones, I highly recommend it. It is a small investment of time and money relative to the abundance of knowledge, confidence and self awareness you will receive.The training is appropriate for ‘beginners’ as well as more seasoned practitioners. I had only been practicing for a little less than a year when I took the course, and did so with the intent of deepening my own practice. Once I was about half way through I realized I truly loved teaching as well.

The lessons you learn throughout this experience really transcend physical ability, they focus on giving you a solid foundation of knowledge that you will be able to apply to every asana, to almost all types of yoga, as well as to your life off the mat and out in the world.

The program has had a profound positive impact on my life. Sera is brilliant, and she has invested so much into her own education as well as into the service of others. She can translate what might initially be a very intimidating body of knowledge into a framework of understanding that will change the way you perceive the world. Khristine’s amazing and insightful approach helps you to realize the limitations you may be setting on yourself, and how to cultivate compassion for yourself as well as for others.

This is an opportunity to learn to live with intention and conscious action rather than constantly reacting to your environment, and to feel the transformative power that Ayurveda, Pranayama, Asana and a simple awareness of the 8 Limbed Path can afford. I feel confident creating sequences, making adjustments, learning to adapt and constantly evolving as my understanding and practice changes and grows.

There is always more to learn, to master, and I find that the longer I teach the more the lessons continue to sink in, to make sense in new and different ways. I left the program fairly confident as a teacher but with the humble awareness that my yoga path was only just beginning. It’s a beautiful journey to be on and I highly recommend setting any misgivings aside and diving in, the chance to develop your practice alone makes it worth every penny.

Jessica F.

I was lucky enough to attend Sera’s 200-hour yoga teacher training in 2019. We are so lucky to have a yogi as knowledgeable and experienced as Sera here on the Central Coast! Sera is constantly adding to and expanding her knowledge and is happy to share all this knowledge with her students. Her enthusiasm is infectious and inspiring. It was a joy to come to class each day to see her cheerful face! I really enjoyed the fact that much of the material in the course is based on original texts and Sera’s helpful explanations and examples made the material accessible. Her hands-on teaching style helped me improve my personal practice and gave me the confidence to teach. This class is a tremendous growth experience!
Betsy Turner

I took this training mostly to deepen my personal practice. It felt like the natural next step after being lucky enough to have Sera as a teacher after she moved to SLO. This TT ended up fulfilling this desire and so much more. Sera is an amazing teacher, and it’s obvious that all that she passed along to us comes from a place of deep understanding. I feel that I have come out of the training a more grounded, intelligent, and curious practitioner, and I feel like I have accomplished more than just learning the science of yoga — completing this (at times overwhelming) training has helped me become more comfortable in my skin as a human being. Perhaps I haven’t changed so much as actually met myself during this process. Anyway. I’m teaching now too! Never would have guessed that would happen 🤷
Amber B.

I am very grateful to have taken my yoga teacher training with Sera Melini. She is a true teacher with a depth of knowledge in yogic philosophy, asana practice and Ayurveda. I especially love the philosophical depth she brought to us as students, she is incredibly articulate, thorough and heartfelt. This training helped me build a deeper connection to myself and has ignited a passion to study further. My life outside of the training has been forever changed with discipline and deeper consciousness in my self asana practice, my relationship to foods and lifestyle and my mindfulness in the world. I highly recommend Sera Melini, she is the real deal!
Julia Levanne

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