Nadi Shodhana (Anuloma/Viloma) of the Breath and Body Channels

Gentle Yoga Bound Angle Posture
2 students


All levels of practitioner will get something profound from this practice, but it can be especially encouraging for those with intermediate practices who are looking to add more depth to their physical engagement. In this gentle and restorative practice, we explore how it is possible, while in active posture, to engage so consciously with the breath and the channels of Prana (Nadis) that we can actively control them. Often, we practice Anuloma/Viloma as a separate Pranayama technique. However, mixed within the Asanas are openings and closings of the various Nadis of the body. By bringing attention to this truth, we can establish mental control of our Nadis and transform our Asana Practice into a deep process of Pranayama (Breathing) and Dharana (Concentration).