30h Āyurvedic Intensive

Start Date: 01/04/2021 9:00am
End Date: 01/20/2021 12:00pm
Venue: Zoom

I have always dreamed of devoting hours specifically to the explication and study of the nuances of Āyurveda and provide a way for seekers to find an active connection to the source texts of the Bṛhat Trayi. Though this program will study Āyurveda independent of Yoga, those who teach will learn why Yoga works and how the Vāyus serve from a sincere place of depth and reasoning. It will change the way you work with your clients if you do.

As a student and practitioner of Āyurveda for many years, I have been dismayed by how long it took to find the primary source explanations of all that I have heard as well as tangible solutions to health complaints that were not symbolic in nature. Thus, the goal during this time together is to create a complete process of understanding for those who are practicing as Counselors, Yoga Teachers, as well as those who are wanting to find more reasoning to support their healthy living choices. And, this program aims to help us all feel liberated from pop-influenced eating/activity behaviors because you will understand the ever-important WHY behind it all. By the completion of these three weeks, you will see the purpose behind the directives we often hear which will allow you to engage with the Āyurveda from its innate depth and nuance. 

The course will be lecture-based, with primary sources from the Bṛhat Trayi (the 3 main texts of Āyurveda). It will be fun, thought-provoking, and make you a more precise student and practitioner of this incredible science.  

The program will be recorded so you will have access to the classes if you miss and to keep for your future study. I will be available to all to answer questions via email, text, or phone throughout the course!

We Will Cover : 

  • Samkhya + the birth of the body
  • 20 Guṇas in action
  • Digestive Fire (Agni) – its function and dysfunction
  • Āma – what it is/how it is made
  • 3 Doṣa – what they do/are
  • 7 Dhātu – how they are made + their function
  • Methods of maintaining health
  • And More!

Dates : 

  • 4-20 January 2021, 3 days/week, 3h/day
  • Monday 9:30am-12:30pm PST + Tuesday/Thursday : 9am-12pm PST

Cost : 

  • Early Bird (Prior to 20 December 2020) : $400 USD
  • Late Bird (20 December 2020 and beyond) : $450 USD
    • All students will agree to pay any transaction and/or credit card fees
  • If you feel inclined to donate a portion or an entire tuition so students can take on scholarship, please email me
  • No refunds after 31 December 2020 or for those who register later, once the course begins.Email to Schedule Clarity Call