25h Āyurvedic Yoga Course (Level 1)

Start Date: 09/11/2021 9:29am
End Date: 09/28/2021 12:30pm
Venue: Zoom
The process of accessing freedom through the teachings of Yoga is tricky. It is a mental practice through the body which means there are many rocks over which to stumble. Yoga is tricky because the path to freedom is through and not around. So often though, our minds and bodies become distracted by the decorations of the practice – especially āsana – and we lose our way. Instead of simplifying and clarifying, we add more decoration – in action and through language – to the practice wander further and further away.
I often say to my teacher training students that Yoga philosophy tells you what to do, but assumes you already know how to do it. The second sūtra in Pantanjali’s system assumes you already know what your vṛttis (repetitive behaviors) are. This means that to practice Haṭha yoga according to its intention, you would already have to know if the habits you are engaging in are supportive to your goals or if they are compulsive behaviors that are pulling you away from the goal.
This is why in live group yoga classes, I rarely say “do what your body needs.” The fast and compulsive modern lifestyle encourages us to get so caught up in thought and behavior patterns that make us temporarily feel better, but overall make us feel worse. So, following their requests is counterproductive and only serves to increase the power of the vṛtti. We get further confused here because we are doing “healthy” things that are not working. This creates an overall cognitive dissonance that makes us believe it is Yoga that is not working rather than the way we are practicing it. Overall, these actions pull us away from the process of “citta vṛtti nirodhaḥ” – the cessation of the repetitive thought/behavior patterns.
In this course, we will utilize Āyurveda to help us understand the purpose of āsana, prāṇāyama & the various levels of meditation. Through a combination of practice & lecture, we will learn how to continuously modify the practice so that it serves our highest goals instead of our most superficial ones. The result will be a more connected practice that will allow your inner guide to speak loudly & clearly.
The course will be taught live, but will be recorded via Zoom. Participants are encouraged to attend live, but can take the program via recording. We will use the interactive platform of Google Classrooms to communicate.
Space is limited!
  • Cost : $597 USD (registrant covers fees)
  • Dates : 11 Sept – 28 Sept 2021
    •  Saturday + Sunday 10am – 2pm PST (live + recorded)