Relaxation through Breath – Restorative Yoga Class

Start Date: 02/06/2021 11:30am
End Date: 05/31/2021 12:30pm

Description :

In this sweet, relaxing, all-levels Restorative class, we use the Breath (via the Prana Maya Kosha) to recognize, differentiate, and soothe the experiences of the Body (Anna Maya Kosha). After the Body is cared for, we use the Breath to recognize, differentiate, and soothe the experiences of the Mind (Mano Maya Kosha). By creating a smooth and organized experience of the Breath, the Mind, the Body, and Awareness all appear and are experienced differently and thus deep levels of restoration and Meditation occur. Through this practice, we actively experience the scientific system of Samkhya.

Dates/Times :

Friday 12-1pm PST

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