The Spice of Life : How to Use Food + Activity Āyurvedically

Start Date: 05/09/2021 9:00am
End Date: 05/09/2021 11:00am
Venue: Zoom

I have wanted to teach a version of this course for a while, but especially as the “wellness” and “health” industries constantly introduce new diets + “superfoods” into our brains + fingertips. I know personally, it can feel frustrating when what is listed as a “superfood” does not work superbly for me. It can create a vacuum of confusion. 

I built this workshop so that you can see what common spices, food, activities do + don’t do. You will learn how different food combinations can cause sluggishness + malaise even if they are deemed “super!” + how a not-so-hot digestive system affects you over time.

We will discuss :

  • Dīpana + pācana (digestive kindling + toxicity cooking) – what does this and what doesn’t 
  • Viruddhāhara + viruddha vihara (incompatible food combinations + activities) + of course, WHY 
  • How to change diets/cooking spices seasonally (season of the year, life, menstrual cycles etc) + when you notice a change in your digestive capacity or feel unlike yourself physically + mentally
  • Why fasting, juice cleanses + smoothies are not the best method for reliable health
  • Your Questions!

Sunday 9 May 2021, 9-11am PST (Lecture + Q&A). $30 USD via Venmo or PayPal (overseas participants will cover fees) on Zoom

All participants will receive the recording to download. Those participating using the recording will have 1 week to purchase at this price point, so sign up in advance!

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