October 3, 2020


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Ayurvedic Eating – Seasonal Perspectives of Health

Supported by Cuesta College – Dinner Focus

Join us from your own kitchen this fall as we prepare dinner on 9/24 and lunch on 10/03. In these 4-hour workshops, we will explore how food affects each of us. Using the Ayurvedic Principles of the 6 Tastes, we will learn how spices in a meal affect digestion and flavor. This course will focus on foods that reduce Pitta and Vata (Heat and Dryness) in the body in general. We will discuss how regular food and activity regimens (dina and rtucharya) promote overall immunity against pathogens of the body and darkness or over-activity of the mind.

Together, we will learn about the palate through the Ayurvedic lens. This includes a deep discussion of the 6 flavors of life: sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter, and astringent. We will virtually cook together online!

We will cook and sample the flavors that we are cooking so that we can develop an intimate relationship with each sensation. We will then eat and speak about how the meal has been adjusted to support the qualities present in these months and how we can make choices with food, drink, and activity that will fortify our bodies and help us transition out of the intense Summer season.

This experience couples with discussion will illuminate how we can review and change our food choices (from diet, to time of day, to spices and food groups) during the months to come and the changing stages of our lives.

This workshop will be hands-on. You will be experiencing a live cooking lesson, handouts, and recipe preparation. There will be ample amount of time for discussion and questions.

Learn wise culinary skills through an Ayurvedic lens and how to navigate your kitchen in a thoughtful and creative way. Let’s cook and stay healthy together

Cost : $65.00 (Standard charge)
Multi Class Discount : $20.00 for having minimum of 1 registrations in CE -Ayurvedic Eating – Seasonal Perspectives of Health #CN0701.320