The Āyurveda In Action Guide

A step-by-step guide to experience all the benefits of Ayurveda in your life WITHOUT memorizing anything!

  • No more Doshas, no more quizzes, no more memorizing anything!
  • A simple way to eat that feels intuitive and easy to apply
  • Create simple lifestyle and eating patterns that bring you into harmony
Ayurveda in action

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The state of health comes when the body & mind are in a state of dynamic equilibrium (with the seasons, with the environment, with life’s circumstances).

— Aṣṭānga Hṛdaya Sūtrasthāna 1.19

A letter from Sarra Kaufman-Soares.

Āyurvedic Practitioner | Yoga & Āyurveda Educator

As a constant seeker, I have invested so much time and resources into learning Āyurveda.

One of the most meaningful & difficult things I have learned along the way is that not all that information is equally valid or applicable.


I’ve created this guide because I felt frustrated by how much I had to relearn from my early Āyurvedic education. It didn’t work for me personally & it didn’t work for my clients either.

Āyurveda is life-changing when it’s taught from its roots. When it’s taught otherwise, the results are not as long-standing or manageable.

Here’s why.

Āyurveda is about creating simple lifestyle & eating patterns that bring you into harmony with your entire life. The world, your environment, your body, your mind – are always changing. So, how could labeling yourself as a single Doshic type possibly help you find balance?

It couldn’t! Your environment influences the way the Doshas present inside you. If they are always changing, so are you.

What to do?

This guide helps you learn to see, feel, touch, taste the building blocks of Āyurveda. This allows you to experience the full fluctuation of life & respond from a clear, simple, integrated place.

I want you to skip all the confusion & get right to the embodiment of Āyurveda. I want you to feel what I feel seeing & interacting with the world this way. It feels dynamic, poetic – like a dance with life!

Plus, my sleep, digestion, skin, energy levels, focus – they are all so much better because of living this way. And, when they get out of balance, which of course they do (!), I know how to tend to them from a place of understanding.

These are my quick tools that help me make Āyurveda active in my everyday life. These simple methods have made a world of difference for me and I hope they do the same for you.

Dive in. You’ve got this!

In Grateful Service,

All you need is a pen, some quiet space & your attention :

  • Feel Better in Your Body
  • Improved Digestion
  • Better Sleep
  • Intune with the Seasons
Ayurveda In Action guide

... so you can focus on living your life & not constantly balancing it!

Drop me your email below and I’ll send you the guide.

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