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The Art of Separation

There is so much to be said for building and maintaining – and the committing to the building and maintaining – of one’s life. I have felt so nurtured in this experience of Philadelphia – so supported, encouraged, appreciated. I felt so much this way that it was only natural for me to continue to search, learn, build, share, and maintain here.

Suddenly however, amidst this deep absorbtion within the city, I looked up and discovered, almost unbeknowst to myself, that I have reached another crossroads. I am at a moment where, as one dear student put it, I am ready – and compelled – to head out and fill my cup. 

At the origin of this trip, I had no intention of it extending for such a legnth, nor did I have any specific intention to experience so many places.

I followed my instincts the way you do when you have an idea in your mind where you are going but could not for a second describe exactly how you were going to get there. “A left turn here, I’m pretty sure,” you say to yourself, biting your lip. “And I know the place we’re going to has a blue door….I think it’s…..ahhh! Here!!”

Those sentences have been my experience up to this moment. And so, in following these seeded instincts, and in order to nurture them, I have begun to take down, brick by brick, the structure of my life here in Philadelphia. Each brick is a memory, an experience, a conversation, a class, a night of dancing. And, in holding them and lovingly putting them away, I am filled with overwhelming emotion – a liquid feeling of thanksgiving.

Thank you all who helped me find my place here. Thank you for allowing me to share my love and interests with you all – for singing with me at the end of class.

I am forever moved by this experience and will hold you all in my thoughts as I travel and fill my cup. 

I hope to be updating this blog along my travels. If you feel compelled to check in here, I invite you to read, to comment, to ask questions.

I hope we can uncover the art of this separation. I hope that we can reestablish new relationship, continuing to invest in our strong and very physical foundation by allowing it to transform into something more and else so as to build and maintain it again, in its new construction.

Frienship is a masterpiece, isn’t it?


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