Private, Small Group Yoga Classes

Private, Small, and Corporate Group Yoga Classes :


These individualized sessions permit students to develop a practice that fits their specific needs, goals, and schedule.

In these sessions, I am able to specifically craft an expert experience that serves therapeutically as physical recovery by increasing strength, flexibility, and/or range of motion. I also am able to assist students in deepening their practices and instructing the student who want to gain access into complex postures.



Whether you are looking to recover from injury, surgery, or are simply looking to increase range of motion, lasting strength and sense of calm, these sessions will provide you :

  • better integration of physical range of motion
  • breath control and facility
  • more dexterous awareness both mental and physical
  • healing old injuries and decreased likihood for in injury
  • increase in performance potential 


Individual Sessions :

$80/hour session


 Packaged Sessions :

5 session package for $375 ($75/session)

10 session package for $700($70/session)


 Small Group Sessions : Packages are the same as Private sessions with $15 per extra person.


 Commuting outside of San Luis Obispo, CA proper : $10 extra per session per 15 minutes of travel 1 way

Ask a question, schedule a private session, book a corporate yoga class or just say hi!