As part of my healing from a traumatic birth & post-partum experience, I decided to write & record my thoughts. Below you'll find the transcript - which was where I originally wrote my experience over several weeks. You'll also find the link to the recorded version.

In Āyurveda, Śatāvarī has become a popular herb that is often called adaptogenic. Taking this herb without understanding its innate properties, combinations + methods of

Balanced sequencing is not about the postures alone. The expression of any posture needs to be born from the Kanda. The Kanda is the central axis

Vāta’s Domain We’ve discussed previously that Vāta is the King. When we say it this way, it makes the potential of Vāta seem kind of

I will of course get into this more once I complete the program in June, but since there are so many kinds of enemas in the world,

Tantra Yuktis In the workshop on Sunday I referenced the Tantra Yuktis of Āyurveda. Tantra means scientific system on a particular topic. Yutki is the process of thinking that comes from

Learn the Personality of the Friends in Your Kitchen! Did you know there are inherent differences between Ginger Powder (Śunṭhī) and Fresh Ginger (Ārdraka)? They

Have You Noticed? I know for me, I have observed in the last few weeks that I have not been as hungry as I usually

How To Food… There are so many ways to go with diet, aren’t there? And it is so hard to choose what to eat when

I must say though, in a world that continues to cause really intense physical and emotional anguish, I am so grateful for the opportunity to

Epistemology – Nidana Parivarjana  Nidana means a few things. It can mean the cause of something. This is also called a Hetu. It can also

An interesting intersection occurred last week as I completed the lecture portion of the course I was taking on the topic of Strī Roga (Women’s

Yoga + Āyurveda There is a particular angle to this course that I wanted to share here. One of the reasons we began yesterday studying

The Nuanced Mixing of Ha + Ṭha Because Yoga is multi-layered, the engagement of the practitioner also needs to be multi-layered. However, with layers comes

The details of any posture will not be found in external alignment after a point. These nuances arrive when the posture is born from the

I just got back from 4 days in the backcountry of Ojai, California in the Sespe Wilderness. It was the first time I ever backpacked

The Flow of Prāṇa Prāṇa flows through channels called the nadīs. Nadī translates to river. This gives us some insight into the qualities of Prāṇa,

The Door Becomes a Wall One of the topics we covered was how so often what brings us to the practice becomes an obstruction if

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