Personal Writings and Essays

Role. Tide.

It’s a cool afternoon.

The rains had come

and crushed the roses.


The Sun arrived at dawn

to the portent of the clouds.

He tucked himself away again

Until the lighter tomorrow.


We washed ourselves in 

Dewy drops pouring from

Petals of the freshly crushed.


We smelled our shared fragility

And the ability to grow through 



Amidst the full and empty

We felt the certainty of space.

And thus we knew

The beginning and the end.


Worry climbed up the ladder

Of our spines.

It is concern itself and looks for

A place to curl into.


Rain slid down over 

Every facial bone

Mixing salt and cloud.


In heavy breaths of loss and future

We became a separate sky.

The space between us

Vast and shared.

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