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A Hero’s Journey

The best course of action is the most specific one. The chiseling of life into this is the finest art.

Ignorance hides itself in the cracks of generality. And in all its heaviness, it is responsible for so much, if not all, of our suffering. ignorance keeps us victims. In its wake we can hardly see our own hands play in our lives, let alone the ones guiding them. But if we begin to search these crevices for the ultimate whys of how we live and who we think we are, we begin to interact with the nuances of our experience and thus can rescue ourselves. 

Every time I scour a text in the yoga pantheon, I find this message of specificty consistently highlighted. And, of course, any good teacher will repeat the same lessons over and over again in as many ways as possible because the best teachers know we all learn and associate differently. Some through art, some through philosophy, through dance, science, relationships, sports and on and on. The goal of course, is not to learn in any certain way, just to learn. Truth does not care how we come to see it, just that we do.

Truth burns to be known. It naturally creates holes in our realities as it presses for freedom. It is itself, omnipresent and omnipotent, a focal point from which all else emits. And, because of this position, Truth is able to continuously draw radiant attention to itself. Anything else will be without the potency to do so. 

We can feel when we are skating on ignorance. It is an itchy sensation. It reveals that something still needs to be shed. Itchiness often brings excess to light.

Truth in this way, is the most specific expression of any thing, thought, or reality. It is the ultimate reduction. It is the original-ness of our existence, essentialized into its most specific manifestation. It is the Word in the Bible, the sound of OM in the Vedas. 

Every movement, thought, desire has its unique origin point. What a beautiful yoga to dedicate our lives to exposing this kind of specificity in every thing that we do. Our life then becomes nothing short of a hero’s journey.

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