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A Melting

The melting of the self feels to me best done from the inside. It is faster.

The inside of the Earth has a middle like ours. A soft and gently churning molten core  that embellishes its exterior with an unqualifiable elegance. 

It can be our fate too. And why shouldn’t we be like Her? Made of the same stuff as we are. Life after all is patterns forever repeating on every scale. If we soften our insides, we can be sure majesty will appear outside as well. A fully fecund self. 

I create heat in my body, like a soft vapor. I am not trying to burn anything up. I am encouraging a soft movement, a natural and curvaceous flow. i am coaxing the heat and the water to dance inside.                                                                       

                                                                     ** ** ** **

I feel more and more strongly that we should be mindful of hardening our exteriors too much. It will work like a deep freeze, and the chill may penetrate further down than our skin. Molecules will freeze their neighbors until the interweaving passageways become fully blocked. Once the communication between our channels is dammed, we may suffocate inside ourselves. 

This feels like mediation’s purpose as well. It feels more magnificent than a stilling of the mind. It is a discovery, a profound listening to the churning of this core – this original fire that is the liquid voice of Divinity.

It is like walking into an unknown forest just before sunrise with feet bare. And our goal? To intimately know this land. 

This has been my experience throughout the last week of the retreat with the Bauls of Bengal. In my yoga I am cleaning my body, cleaning my mind, clearing the passageways, removing the freeze. I am warming my core, my heart through song, through prayer, through movement. And suddenly, as a surprise to my own self, I am now hearing a voice penetrating from within. It travels from my heart to my mind and speaks with such guidance, such love, such clarity. It is the the voice of the Mother. It is warm. It reminds me of my divine delicacy. To make room for Her. 

We are vessels within vessels. Ask any doctor what happens if our arteries become blocked or hard.

We must melt ourselves to perceive ourselves. Our Universal Divinity has a voice of the most supreme Love. She is speaking to us even now.

Let her speak.

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