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A Discussion on What is Yoga?

Sarra Kaufman-Soares Scorpion Forarm Stand
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I was grateful for the opportunity to be interviewed by the company with whom I work, The Pad Climbing. About a year ago, the Pad hired me to support, expand, and make more nuanced the Yoga and Fitness Program at the gym. In the process, I discovered how closely aligned Classical Hatha Yoga methodologies are to the mechanics of climbing.

This video is an examination of what has gone into my journey as a Yoga Student, Teacher, Educator, and the process that led to Ayurveda.

We cover a range of topics here! It was a lively and playful fireside chat. We discuss the channels of studentship, what makes an effective teacher, Cultural Appropriation, and more! It’s a wild one hour ride. I am grateful to my teachers who have provided and continue to provide me with a foundation from which to constantly look back, to become more inspired, to become more reverent, and to continuously check myself and be humble humble humble.

If you are interested in joining our next Teacher Training visit our Events Page and register for the next 200h Training or 300h Training!

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