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The Nuance of the Ha!

The Nuanced Mixing of Ha + Ṭha Because Yoga is multi-layered, the engagement of the practitioner also needs to be multi-layered. However, with layers comes complication and the opportunity to mix things up and end up off track. A main feature of what we will discuss in the 30h Āyurvedic Immersion is sūtra 1.16 from […]

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The Empty Promise of “Sweating Away Toxins”

…and a deeper look at Sweat and its functions In a variety of ways, we have peered into the management of health. In summary, the means to protecting your health is through your gut – by managing the proportion of space around your digestive fire, the stability of your digestive fire (Jaṭhara Agni), and the […]

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Sthiram Before Sukham

स्थिरसुखमासनम् ॥४६॥ sthira-sukham-āsanam ॥46॥ As Yogin(ini)s we often hear the phrase sthira-sukham-āsanam as a means to create a balanced experience in the body complex via the posture. However, as I have been studying other Vedic texts, I have come to appreciate that order in the sutras is of utmost importance. Unlike English where two words […]

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