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Kapha Doṣa, How We Adore Thee

According to the AH.Su.11.3, Kapha is made of the combinations of Earth (Pṛthivi) and Water (Jala). Its presence confers stability, lubrication, compactness (firmness) of the joints, forbearance (capacity to withstand strain – physically and emotionally). Kapha is the most similar to the majority of the Dhātus (tissues) and Malas (wastes) of the body, therefore healthy Kapha is the reason […]

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Pitta Doṣa, Who Are You?

Pitta Doṣa is described as a Pathogenic Factor made of the guṇas : oily, hot, sharp, liquid, and fluid. It is also known to be pungent and sour. (Ca.Su.1.58) It is balanced by guṇas which are opposite to those just described like cold, soft, and dry as well as the Tastes which are Sweet and Bitter, […]

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What are Doṣa?!

We are diving into the world of Doṣa. It is complex – partially because it requires some unlearning. I love this quote from Ganesh Mohan that speaks to the importance of waiting for right knowledge before consuming it! What are Doṣa? (and Why are They so Confusing?) Doṣa are, in some ways, shorthand for other […]

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The Empty Promise of “Sweating Away Toxins”

…and a deeper look at Sweat and its functions In a variety of ways, we have peered into the management of health. In summary, the means to protecting your health is through your gut – by managing the proportion of space around your digestive fire, the stability of your digestive fire (Jaṭhara Agni), and the […]

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