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Shad Rasa – the 6 Tastes

Rasa means many things in Sanskrit. It can mean the Divine play of Lord Krsna, it can mean energetic characteristics in Yoga Tantra, it can mean the first tissue made in Ayurveda – the one we mentioned often carrying Āma in last week’s conversation. It can also mean taste. Every one of the 6 tastes is made […]

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What is Āma?

Often when a practitioner asks you to stick out your tongue they are looking at many things, but one of those things is the coating that may reside there. There are times when that coating can indicate health and other times when the coating can indicate ill health. There are times when a clear tongue […]

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Ayurveda, Tell Us! Why do Summer’s Fly By?

Ayurvedically, the Summer Months, or Grisma Rtu, are ruled by Air (Vayu) and Fire (Agni). The combination brings Movement (chalatva) and Intensity (tiksnatva) to our lives – even in (or perhaps especially in) COVID times. Our feeling of lightness makes us feel invincible until….September arrives. Suddenly, as the cold comes in, our bodies contract, and […]

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