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Ayurveda, Tell Us! Why do Summer’s Fly By?

The Water You Swim In
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Ayurvedically, the Summer Months, or Grisma Rtu, are ruled by Air (Vayu) and Fire (Agni). The combination brings Movement (chalatva) and Intensity (tiksnatva) to our lives – even in (or perhaps especially in) COVID times. Our feeling of lightness makes us feel invincible until….September arrives. Suddenly, as the cold comes in, our bodies contract, and in that experience of stopping (sthambhana), we realize…we. are. tired.

So, because of this, Fall ends up being an amazing opportunity to recover some of the energy we may have perhaps…over expended …reestablish routine, goals, and generally reset. 

Ironically, we feel like we have more energy in Summer, but actually, our energy has moved away from our central body, and so it may feel more tangible, but it is actually less powerful overall. It has moved Tiryaga in Sanskrit, which means it has moved to the periphery. So, we feel hotter sometimes, we may sweat more, we feel bright and fast, but actually, our energy is not well contained because it has moved away from its source in the digestive center. If we continue on this path, or maintain this lifestyle the Fall, Winter and Spring can become difficult with chronic health ailments rising to the surface….colds and runny noses or hayfever anyone?

So, make a meal schedule, eat warm, cooked-that-day foods. Drink things without ice. Don’t feel obligated to sip water (or any liquid) constantly. Make space between events and enjoy the contraction and internal power that the cold brings. 

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