I just spent 3 Days & almost 40 miles in the Sespe Wilderness. Here are a few things I gleened : I learned in the

Ahamkara – Identity When we look at the Samkhya Darśana (Philosophy), we see that Ahamkara, aka the ego, develops right after Buddhi, who is the

Remember last week? How I mentioned that it was so intense? It is not better, yet. It took me until Saturday to begin to process

Swept Up by the Circus When I was in college, I was truly considering getting swept up in the actual circus. Unfortunately, my fear of

According to the AH.Su.11.3, Kapha is made of the combinations of Earth (Pṛthivi) and Water (Jala). Its presence confers stability, lubrication, compactness (firmness) of the

Pitta Doṣa is described as a Pathogenic Factor made of the guṇas : oily, hot, sharp, liquid, and fluid. It is also known to be pungent

Ok, so we grappled a bit with Doṣa as a whole, so now let us look at each one individually to better understand its function

We are diving into the world of Doṣa. It is complex – partially because it requires some unlearning. I love this quote from Ganesh Mohan

When we think of health outside of the Āyurvedic paradigm, some of the things I look for as definitions are :  Absence of Pain –

Not all Oils are the Same Before we go into Essential Oils themselves, let’s examine the differences between Oils prepared Āyurvedically and those that are

…and a deeper look at Sweat and its functions In a variety of ways, we have peered into the management of health. In summary, the

Last week we learned about the 6 tastes of Ayurveda and how a balance of these tastes is a prerequisite for health. We discussed how

Rasa means many things in Sanskrit. It can mean the Divine play of Lord Krsna, it can mean energetic characteristics in Yoga Tantra, it can

Often when a practitioner asks you to stick out your tongue they are looking at many things, but one of those things is the coating

Ayurvedically, the Summer Months, or Grisma Rtu, are ruled by Air (Vayu) and Fire (Agni). The combination brings Movement (chalatva) and Intensity (tiksnatva) to our

This is a larger topic than this blog can cover – and many have spoken it more wisely than me – but I would like

I have noticed being a practitioner of Yoga and being from the West, a certain repetitive behavior that I understand and also find puzzling. Especially

Presence is often discussed like it is something to choose off the shelf, like selecting a can of soup for dinner. The request to “be

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