Nature’s Use of Fever ॐ Ragadi Rogan Satatanusaktan Asesa Kaya Prasrutanasesan Autsukya Moharatitan Jaghana Yo Purva Vyidyaya Namosutu Tasmi ॐ शािन्तः शािन्तः शािन्तः Link to Full Essay

Rice + Ayurvedic Diet: White Rice, Brown Rice, Types Of Rice, The Doshas find this article at : The Ayurveda Experience In Sanskrit there are

separation from soil : i forget myself, certainly you.   i forget language dialect syntax verbs. ¡you becomes accusation!   reality is debatable :: unreal

hair scented under sun/showers, finger tips and sagesse to soothe – i remember   in one eyed glances “i know you” –  a bird in

It’s a cool afternoon. The rains had come and crushed the roses.   The Sun arrived at dawn to the portent of the clouds. He

Ha-tha Yoga is often written as one word, said quickly, used as a label for some brand of yoga, which informs us the style with

Nature makes immediate use. A tree falls and instantly the Earth curls with sweetened fingers around it. Animals move out, others move in. Mourning what

remember that storm? the trees became horizon – a sideways zipper. tornados sealed the world who appeared ripping.   my face likewise gathers flowers in

In this time of infinite space  I corral myself like cattle.  Behind iron fences are cement walls. I salivate futures beyond slabs. Environment molds structure

On the past half year away I have learned so many things – some concrete and tangible and others of a more introspective variety. Discerning

The best course of action is the most specific one. The chiseling of life into this is the finest art. Ignorance hides itself in the

Fever is defined as an abnormally high body temperature often combined with shivering and delerium. It is also a state of excessiveness and near blind

fear has a coaxing human way. like your bus friend sitting next to you who loves your hand whispering, “hold on to me. i know

If I were a butterfly I would say this experience I am having was inevitable. If I were to be a butterfly, I would say

The melting of the self feels to me best done from the inside. It is faster. The inside of the Earth has a middle like

Sometimes when we are suffering from a dis-ease of the mind or the body, upon initial treatment, the symptoms may get worse before they get

the sun was oh so full tonight a lighthouse in the sky. every night i watch her set, slipping deeply pass us by. in her

I am currently studying in a kriya program in Rishikesh. It feels much like juggling but with the mind only. To give some idea, our

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